April 2015 Items of Interest


  • 757 Python Users Group: The 757 PUG will meet at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 07 April at the Hampton Public Library, 4207 Victoria Blvd, Hampton. The topic will be Cython, a tool that can speed up Python dramatically.
  • Tidewater Analytics: The regular meeting of Tidewater Analytics is at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 14 April at 757 Creative Space, Norfolk. The main topic this month will be Bayesian Methods. The main topic will be preceded by a short member show-and-tell that highlights an individual member’s work in analytics.
  • R User Group: The R User Group will meet at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 21 April at 757 Creative Space, Norfolk. The main topic this month will be data types and data structures in R. There will be a 30-minute “Introduction to R” session at 6:00 pm for those new to R. Also, there will be an opportunity after the main presentation for members to discuss issues they are having in R.

MOOCs and other educational venues:

  • The Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, is offering a six-week course in Process Mining via Coursera, starting 01 April. This is described as “the missing link between model-based process analysis and data-oriented analysis techniques. Through concrete data sets and easy to use software the course provides data science knowledge that can be applied directly to analyze and improve processes in a variety of domains.
  • Coursera, EdX, and Udacity all continue to offer a variety of courses — often affiliated with top-notch universities — related to analytics.

Books and such:

  • Jeff Leeks, one of the principal architects and instructors in Coursera’s 9-month Data Science program, published a nice little book called “The Elements of Data Analytic Style” (modeled loosely on Strunk and White’s classic, “The Elements of Style”). The book is free, but they are accepting donations. You can find it at https://leanpub/datastye


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