March 2015 Items of Interest


757 Python Social: The 757 Python User Group is having a dinner/social at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 03 March at Marker 20, 21 E Queens Way, Hampton, VA. Brian Magill, the organizer, has a background and interest in analytics; he gave an excellent presentation on Python NumPy in January. If you have Python and analytics proclivities, and would like to help shape future Python presentations, this would be a good opportunity to meet Brian and have a discussion.

Tidewater Analytics meeting: The regular meeting of Tidewater Analytics is at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 10 March at 757 Creative Space.

R User Group: The still-forming R User Group will meet on either Tuesday or Wednesday during the third week of March at 757 Creative Space. Keep an eye out for updates.

MOOCs and other educational venues:

There are a couple of analytics-oriented MOOCs getting started that might be of interest:


Books and such:

If you do much command line work, the 4th edition of O’Reilly’s “Effective Awk Programming: Universal Text Processing and Pattern Matching” is scheduled for release this month. Awk is one of the pillars of command line data science, and by all accounts this is a pretty decent release.

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